Trade Type: Engineering

Trades Duration: Two Year

Trade Sector: Power

Minimum Qualification Eligibility: 8th Passed

ITI trade Wireman is powered by NCVT.  ITI trade Wireman  is a job oriented trade ITI trade Wireman is suitable for government job and private job. This ITI trade Wireman is very powerful for self-empowerment. This ITI trade Wireman is perfectly design to fulfill industrial requirement of Indian Industries as well as International industries.

Wireman, Light and Power installs various kinds of electrical wiring such as cleat, conduit, casing, concealed etc. in houses, factories, workshops and other establishments for light and power supply. Studies diagram and plan of wiring and marks light, power and other points accordingly. Fixes wooden pegs, sizes tubes, saws casings, etc. by common carpentry fitting and other processes, according to type of wiring needed. Erects switch boards and fixes switch box casings cleats, conduits ceiling roses, switches, meters etc. according to type and plan of wiring. Draws wire in two way or three-way wiring system as prescribed and makes electrical connections through plugs and switches to different points exercising great care for safety and avoiding short circuit and earthing at any stage of wiring. Fixes fuses and covers as per diagram and insulates all naked wires at diversions and junctions to eliminate chances of short circuit and earthing. Fits light brackets, holders, shades, tube and mercury lights, fans etc, and makes electrical connection as necessary. Tests checks installed wiring for leakage and continuity using megger, removes faults if any and certifies wiring as correct for connecting mains. Checks existing wiring for defects and restores current supply by replacing defective switches, plug sockets, blown fuse etc. or removing short circuits and faulty wiring as necessary. May repair simple electrical domestic appliances.

Electrical wiring works such as cleat, conduit, casing, concealed etc. in houses, factories, workshops and other establishments for light and power supply.

Trades Summery: 

  • Recognize & comply safe working practices, environment regulation andhousekeeping.
  • Work in a team, understand and practice soft skills, technical English to communicate¬†with required clarity.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of concept and principles of basic arithmetic, algebraic,¬†trigonometric and apply knowledge of specific area to perform practical operations.
  • Understand and explain basic science in the field of study including friction,¬†simple machine and heat and temperature.
  • Read and apply engineering drawing for different application in the field of work.
  • Understand and explain the concept in productivity, quality tools and labour welfare¬†legislation and apply such in day to day work to improve productivity & quality.
  • Explain energy conservation, global warming and pollution and contribute in day to¬†day work by optimally using available resources.
  • Explain personnel finance, entrepreneurship and manage/organize related task in day¬†to day work for personal & societal growth.
  • Understand and apply basic computer working, basic operating system and uses¬†internet services to get accustomed & take benefit of IT developments in the industry.